Attention Holistic Entrepreneurs…

What If There Was a Quick and Easy Way To

Share Your Message, Reach More People and Get Noticed?

Expand Your Reach with Podcasting


Just imagine…

The pride you feel when looking at your podcast stats and seeing that you are reaching people in countries around the world

How rewarding it is to read comments from your listeners about how you have changed their lives

Feeling the excitement as you set up your microphone and prepare to interview an expert you admire and have been following for years

People are eager to buy your products and services after hearing your show

How easy it is when your ideal clients FIND YOU and asks to work with you!

Quickly growing your online presence and becoming recognized as the expert in your field

People saying they feel like they know you from listening to your podcasts. You now have friends all over the world


Hi, I’m Bonnie Groessl

I never imagined just a few short years after a career-ending car accident I would be reaching
ONE MILLION people in over 50 countries with my message!


In 2009, life as I knew it stopped. I was in a serious car accident and sustained a severe brain injury, temporarily leaving me in a bonnie-lowrescoma. Three weeks had suddenly disappeared from my life!

I can still hear the neuropsychologist telling me I probably wouldn’t get my brain back and I should just be happy I was alive. I heard, “You can’t” – something I had heard many times before in my life. I was devastated.

I knew in my heart there was a reason I was still here. There was more for me to do. 

Something deep inside told me I was meant to help more people in a bigger way than before. I always say there are no accidents, and I believed I had survived for a reason. After many months of therapy, hard work, belief and prayers, I got my brain back … one piece at a time.

I went from not being able to walk, feed myself, do simple math or reading to becoming an internet radio and podcast personality and a best-selling author. Today my passion is helping others expand their reach and share their message.

I was told I couldn’t do it, but I proved them wrong.  

My private practice as a holistic nurse practitioner had reached 6 figures before the accident, and now I had to start over. Still, I knew there was a reason I survived the accident, got my brain back and was still here.

I was reminded of the guided meditation audios I had recorded a year before the accident.

cd_gift_setAfter many of my patients asked me to record the guided meditations I did with them, I finally went to a studio and recorded some audio tracks.

The CD manufacturing company contacted me and said, “The web package is on sale this week for for $49.95.” I didn’t know what it was, but I purchased it. That web package ended up being digital downloads of my CDs, and the distribution company spread them all over the world!

Today, my guided meditation audios are downloaded on 6 continents in countries like Australia, Russia, Japan, Norway, the Philippines, South Korea, New Zealand, the US and the UK.

That was my “ah ha” moment! 

I realized I now could reach people all over the world with my message. I started doing live online radio shows about that time to get my message out there even more. My online presence quickly grew, although I found the live format was too limiting. The difference in time zones with my guests in other countries was not convenient and I was constantly worried about connection issues during the designated time slot.

small-9Then I found podcasting

I love the freedom podcasting offers. Podcasting not only helped me grow my online presence by leaps and bounds, it opened up so many opportunities. It’s the best networking technique I have ever found!

A new world had opened up for me!

I have developed relationships with amazing people from all over the world.  Thought leaders who are authorities in their field wanted me to interview them on my podcasts. I had followed these experts for quite some time. Today, we are colleagues and I collaborate with many of them. Through podcasting I am able to share my message and touch people’s lives everywhere. 

I believe it’s my purpose to help you share your message and expand your reach. Your song should not go unsung!

Podcast Listeners Have Almost Doubled In The Past Few Years!



My experience with podcasting has been amazing! I am reaching people in over 50 countries on 6 continents, with nearly 1 MILLION listens in the last 2 years! I currently have two weekly podcasts,  “The Gift of Choice” and “The Holistic Entrepreneur”

This has given me the credibility to now recruit the best experts for my virtual summits and share even more content with the world.

I have had the privilege of interviewing thought leaders in health and business including, Dr. Bernie Siegel, John Lee Dumas, Karen Luniw, Dr. Maria Nemeth, Cheryl Hunter, Matt Brauning, Angus Nelson, JV Crum III, Dr. JoAnne White and Therese Skelly to name a few.

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing communication tools in the world. As of 2016, 21 percent of Americans age 12 or older say they have listened to a podcast in the past month, reflecting steady incremental growth since 2013 – when this figure was just 12 percent.

“Expand Your Reach with Podcasting”

Easily Design and Launch Your Podcast on a Budget in 4 Weeks or Less

Here’s what you get…

Gain Clarity

Together, we will identify your ideal audience, mission, purpose and goals. We uncover and eliminate any limiting beliefs that may hold you back from success.  In our time together will will build a solid foundation for your success!


Record an Awesome Show

You will gain the confidence of a professional radio personality though our work together in setting the foundation and honing your hosting and interview skills. You will have ample opportunities to practice so you feel secure as you launch your podcast.

Establish a Plan

Here we work on a perfect name your podcast and choose a format (audio, video or both). You will discover how to easily invite the right guests who will provide value to your new community and keep them wanting more, excited for the next episode.



Publish Your Podcast

Shorten your learning curve as we create your Libsyn hosting account together. You will learn how to choose keywords and send your podcast out to social media, giving you a head start on promoting your podcast.

Podcast Framework

Next, we create artwork and a show description that will entice and captivate your ideal audience. We will explore resources for outsourcing certain tasks, learn about affordable equipment and recording software you can access on a small budget to create a quality podcast that looks and sounds great.

Promote to the World

You will learn how to create destinations on autopilot and submit your podcast to multiple free directories, including iTunes, directly from your Libsyn account. You will learn how to vet guest requests and how to become a featured guest on other podcasts to accelerate your growth.

Jackson has a message for you…

“Before working with Bonnie, I was having some problems with focus and clarity around my mission. I was also struggling with imposter syndrome. Within a couple months, I figured out the best vehicle for my gift. I also was able to boost my confidence to a new level.

I am currently waiting on my headphones and microphone to record my first podcast episode and I’m PUMPED. On multiple occasions Bonnie went above and beyond to help me with certain technical issues that I was having hard time with. I recommend Bonnie to anybody looking to take their journey to the next level!”

~Jackson, Hawaii


This Experience Master Class begins January 3, 2017


Beta Version Special Offer: $497
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We begin with a BONUS private strategy and planning session before the master class begins

  • During this 1:1 session you will build a solid foundation for your podcast. Together, we will identify your ideal audience, mission, purpose, goals, format, etc.
  • You will uncover any limiting beliefs and cultivate a mindset for success.
  • You will discover the most efficient and economical tools you need to begin your podcasting journey and can have them ready for the master class (i.e. a microphone if you need it)
  • You will be ready to hit the ground running when the master class begins January 3, 2017, to ensure your podcast will be available to the world that month.

4 week Master Class looking over my shoulder as we create your podcast together

  • The 4-week master class is delivered 3x/week via Zoom (online video conferencing)
  • The weekly Zoom sessions include 1 laser group coaching call per week and 2 teaching modules with Q&A
  • Unlimited email support
  • All sessions are recorded
  • Life-time access to all recordings, templates and handouts
  • Surprise bonuses (to be announced during the master class)

Time Limited Bonuses - Expires 12/21/16 

Treasure Chest of Valuable Resources – Over 60 free and inexpensive tools and resources that I have tested and can recommend with confidence.

Personal 1:1 Session to “kick-start the class” (a $497 value)  

Gain clarity, connect with your “why,” identify and eliminate limiting beliefs

Create a solid foundation for success

Identify your ideal audience and how you can best serve them

Create your mission statement and identify your purpose and goals

Create your action plan to make the most out of this course

Added Bonus!

Additional hour of Private Coaching and Mentoring with me during the 4 week program - Choose the times that work best for you and get personal 1:1 support. 

The “You Will Succeed” Guarantee

You are responsible for doing all assigned homework and activities as determined by the curriculum of the program. In return, I guarantee that you will be able to successfully design and launch your podcast.

If you do the work in this timeframe, ask for help when you need it, take the advice offered and don’t have a podcast ready to publish in 4-weeks, I’ll continue working with you (at no charge) until you do.

This Experience Master Class begins January 3, 2017


Beta Version Special Offer: $497
(You save 50%)

Registration Closed