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Is it easy for your ideal clients to find you?

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Hi, I’m Bonnie Groessl
I never imagined just a few short years after a career-ending car accident I would be reaching ONE MILLION people in over 50 countries in just 2 years with my message! 

I can still hear the neuropsychologist telling me I probably wouldn’t get my brain back and I should just be happy I was alive. I knew in my heart there was a reason I was still here. There was more for me to do...

It began with guided meditation audios I had recorded before the accident 

After many of my patients asked me to record the guided meditations I did with them, I finally went to a studio and recorded some audio tracks. I purchased the web package for $49.95 without even knowing what it was. That was the best knee jerk decision I have ever made! They spread digital downloads of my audios all over the world! Today, my guided meditation audios are downloaded across the globe in countries like Australia, Russia, Japan, Norway, the Philippines, South Korea, New Zealand, the US and the UK.

That was my “ah ha” moment.  I realized I now could reach people all over the world with my message!


I discovered the power of publishing!  

In 2010, I stepped out of my comfort zone and set a goal to speak at an international conference. I was missing an important element of my proposal; a published book. One is generally not invited to speak at that level unless you are a published author. My thinking was “I guess I better write a book.’ I was motivated and on a short time frame. I finished the book and would have it published in time. My proposal was accepted and I spoke at NICABM’s last live event in 2011.


Then I found podcasting...

I started with live online radio about that time to further expand my reach. My online presence quickly grew, although I found it was too limiting. The difference in time zones with my guests in other countries was not convenient. I love the freedom podcasting offers. I enjoy being a guest and a podcast host! Podcasting not only helped me grow my online presence by leaps and bounds, it opened up so many opportunities. It’s the best networking technique I have ever found!


A new world had opened up for me!

I have developed relationships with amazing people from all over the world. Thought leaders who are authorities in their field want me to interview them on my podcasts. Today, we are colleagues and I collaborate with many of them. Through podcasting I am able to share my message and touch people's lives everywhere. I now host annual summits with amazing experts as well.


Now my ideal clients find me, I don't need to search anymore!

I believe it’s my purpose to help you share your message and expand your reach. You are meant to do great things and your clients are out there just waiting for you to help them!


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I really felt totally taken care of by Bonnie. She is truly committed to your success. I am not very tech savvy so this is great for people who could use extra support in that area. The class has a great flow, feels doable, AND, the best part, you will have your podcast show ready in a month. It's simple and effective way to get your message out there and expand your reach! Bonnie is fun to work with and has A LOT of experience on this topic."



If I could package Bonnie up, or even better, carry her on my shoulder throughout the day - I'd be light years ahead of where I am now.  Luckily she makes it easy for me to access her when I need help with my business, or a tweaking with my newest idea.  Thank you Bonnie!  I am eternally grateful for all your support and professional wisdom!"



“Before working with Bonnie, I was having some problems with focus and clarity around my mission. I was also struggling with imposter syndrome. Within a couple months, I figured out the best vehicle for my gift. I also was able to boost my confidence to a new level. On multiple occasions Bonnie went above and beyond to help me with certain technical issues that I was having hard time with. I recommend Bonnie to anybody looking to take their journey to the next level!”