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This training is broken up into “bite-sized” chunks to avoid overwhelm

There are short videos as well as templates and handouts as appropriate.

These daily action steps will guide you towards expanding your reach, connecting with your audience, and leveraging the podcast hosts platform to generate leads, discovery calls and sales!



In Just 1 Week You Will:

  • Identify your ideal audience and create your core message perfect for any interview
  • Explore and identify the best podcast hosts to approach in your niche
  • Create a powerful media kit that makes you stand out as a sought-after guest
  • Discover how to effectively pitch to a podcast host and benefit from their established platform
  • Get booked on a podcast that reaches listeners in over 60 countries around the world




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3. Apply to be a featured guest on “The Gift of Choice” or “The Holistic Entrepreneur” podcast. Complete the form here:

Listen to some shows here to get a feel for the shows and my interview style. You can listen here or on your favorite podcast platform by clicking on the icon on the page:

“The Gift of Choice”

“The Holistic Entrepreneur”

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